Free Wifi at Wells Resort

Posted on April 21, 2008, 8:23 AM under Places to Visit

This is perhaps the only hotspot in Baras (if you will set aside our house). I went to Wells Resort two weeks ago with my Asus EEEPC and had no problems connecting to their free wireless access.

The rates are pretty affordable, but for more information on that, you can view the pricelist. The photos below were provided by Christopher Caina, the owner of the resort.

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  • Roger Ramirez

    My father was born in Baras and I have hundreds of relatives still living there. How far is the Wells resort from Baras? I visited Baras in 2000.

    Do you have detailed a map showing Baras and the resorts around Baras?

    Roger Ramirez

  • joseph

    Well’s resort is in Baras itself and it is easy to find. You can read the post How to go to Baras, Rizal or check out wikimapia:

  • dea

    hi, mr. joseph ramirez!
    where do you live? have you been in baras? do you still have contact with your relatives? in short, di ka maliligaw sa baras!

  • dea

    ooopppssss!!!!!!! mr roger ramirez pala! sorry, joseph!

  • bautro01

    How can we know about this pretty affordable rates? And for more information where can we view the pricelist you are telling?. Can we have it so we can plan our visit there… many thanks

  • carlo

    ahztig talagah ang wells
    ….dibahh mr.ray and mr.joseph
    quality talagah
    s wells

  • valkyrie


  • onboy

    ano2 p ba ang mga nsa loob nyan bukod sa mga meeting rooms at swiming pool. meron b dyan bwling alley? pelota court? :)

  • marvin

    Malupet dyan sa wells :)) 6 times na ako nakakpunta dyan di nakakasawa ! boss ray pa naman eh