Inauguration of Elected Officials

Posted on June 24, 2013, 4:58 PM under Government

Here’s the program for the oath-taking of elected officials on June 30, Sunday.

Download (PDF, 2.07MB)

  • noinoi

    ano na nangyari sa protesta ng kabilang panig

  • invictus

    if the Kontra Daya Movement allegations that the recent election were rigged in favor of the administration regarding the 60-30-10 ratio, then it holds true here in Baras.The admin ,out of 8 alloted SB seats,got 5,that is 60% of 8,the opposition got 2,that is 30%,and one independent(10%).That also holds true in all the municipalities in the province of Rizal,except Cardona,This is quite interesting,right, Mr, Admin?