1, 138 persons in evacuation centers

Posted on 09 August '12 under Street Stories | 5 Comments

More than a thousand people were affected by monsoon rains that brought heavy rains in Mega Manila, which included Baras, Rizal.

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A 7-11 in Baras?

Posted on 31 March '12 under Street Stories | 9 Comments

Want an Arabian coffee and chicken spread stuffed in pandesal at 2 in the morning? There’s only one place to get them.
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Flashback: New Year’s Day Fire in 2004

Posted on 02 December '11 under Street Stories | No Comments

Here are some of the pictures I took in January 1, 2004 in a fire that took place right in front of the old municipal building.
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Narrow streets, narrow minds

Posted on 07 April '11 under Street Stories | 1 Comment

While checking the archives of this site, I came across this article “Concerned citizen airs traffic woes.” Almost three years after that anonymous letter surfaced, as I see it, nothing has changed. And it has become more valuable to me now since I drive a car.
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Ghost stories

Posted on 29 October '09 under Street Stories | 9 Comments

All Saints’ Day is near, and so it is time to remember our departed loved ones, and the horror stories associated with it
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Ondoy in Baras via Youtube

Posted on 25 October '09 under Street Stories | 2 Comments

In the onslaught of typhoon Ondoy, some Barasenians have taken videos of the flood, especially the river overflow.
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Calm after the storm

Posted on 18 October '09 under Street Stories | 1 Comment

Whether we accept it or not, stronger typhoons are here to stay. What is important after every disaster is that we learn to cope with it and ensure that we’re still sane even after we lose our properties, homes, or, hopefully not, lives.
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Abuse of poverty

Posted on 11 October '09 under Street Stories | 7 Comments

The sight reminds me of a stampede in a popular noontime show. People desperately scramble to get relief goods. And even those who seem not to be affected by the recent typhoon, they take advantage of the free goods.
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Good-hearted citizens

Posted on 05 October '09 under Street Stories | 8 Comments

In this time of crisis, the best (and worst) of Filipinos come out. The following people and organizations have helped Barasenians in evacuation centers and even those at home.
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Cleaning efforts up

Posted on 04 October '09 under Street Stories | 34 Comments

More than a week after typhoon Ondoy passed, some streets of the town are still full of mud. But clean up activities are underway.

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