2013 Barangay Election Results

Posted on 05 November '13 under Political Spectrum | 1 Comment

 I was listening to a conversation between two prominent political figures in Baras and it brought me wonder how they analyzed the recent barangay elections. One gave reasons why one candidate won over the other; another personality said that a candidate lost because the left side block of a certain street did not vote, thus losing about half a hundred votes. Wow! How did they know that? Anyway, here are the results of the elections. Let me know if there are misspellings.
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What will Roberto Ferrera do once elected as mayor?

Posted on 11 May '13 under Political Spectrum | 6 Comments

Ever since Baras Rizal Online started, one of its advocacies is voter education. BRO believes that every politician’s promise during the campaign period should be documented and, in case they win, has to be checked every now and then to verify which have been fulfilled and which are not. Due to lack of debates that should have allowed Barasenians to be well informed of the platforms of the candidates, there is no agency or organization that lists the promises of the politicians (that is, if ever they have promises to begin with).
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Robles as vice mayor?

Posted on 03 July '12 under Political Spectrum | 47 Comments

In what could be considered as an opening salvo of the almost year long politicking before the May 2013 elections, Mayor Wilfredo Robles on Saturday bared his plans of running for vice mayor, after presenting his accomplishments before a crowd in the gymnasium.
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What should the ‘renewed’ administration do?

Posted on 17 May '10 under Political Spectrum | 42 Comments

Six re-electionists, three new faces, one making a comeback. Nine from the Nationalist People’s Coalition-Nacionalista Party, one from the Liberal Party. Inspired by the Dear Noynoy Facebook fan page, what would be your suggestions to the newly elected officials?
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Robles leads over rivals; close fight between Pilapil and Llagas

Posted on 11 May '10 under Political Spectrum | 24 Comments

Based on the poll results published by the Commission on elections, Mayor Wilfredo Robles is likely to occupy his post for his third and final term.

A band plays music in Baras Elementary after initial results show the incumbent mayor leading over his rivals.
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Robles wins in opponents’ turf

Posted on 10 May '10 under Political Spectrum | 45 Comments

Incumbent mayor Wilfredo Robles won in the precincts where his two major opponents were registered.

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What to expect when voting

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I’m doing this post in Baras Elementary School, an hour after casting my vote. Here’s what you can expect in today’s polls.
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Ballot Template for Baras

Posted on 30 April '10 under Political Spectrum | 10 Comments

The Commission on Elections has released the ballot templates for local positions. You may want to view the image so that you would know which circle to shade after making your choice of candidate. Listed as well are the candidates for local positions.
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Round 2: Back in 2004…

Posted on 21 April '10 under Political Spectrum | 3 Comments

Here’s the speech of Mayor Wilfredo Robles in his campaign rally on April 18, in Barangay Rizal.
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Dindo versus Willy, Round 1

Posted on 12 April '10 under Political Spectrum | 79 Comments

Admit it or not, this year’s election is a three-cornered fight among Mayor Wilfredo Robles, former mayor Dindo Garciano and former vice mayor Villamor Ocampo. I was able to listen to some speeches the other night, on the proclamation rally of the Robles camp. Last night, the Garciano party held a campaign meeting in Barangay San Jose, steps away from our house.
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