Public high school losing population

Posted on 20 August '09 under Education | 128 Comments

If you are a parent and does not have much money, which would you prefer? Send your child in a school in another town, but the transportation fare is only 6 pesos, or a public school in your own town, where the fare is more than doubled?
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Going back to Baras Elementary School

Posted on 07 April '09 under Education | 20 Comments

Last week, I attended a cousin’s graduation in Baras Elementary School. That was the last time I attended a graduation since I finished my elementary education more than a decade ago.
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Fiesta theme for the inauguration of Baras-Pinugay National High School

Posted on 18 September '08 under Education | 5 Comments

Schools Division Superintendent Marites Ibanez said it right. Today’s inauguration of Baras-Pinugay National High School could be mistaken as a fiesta. You could not miss to see the musical bands, song and dance, banderitas, a lot of visitors, and high profile at that, and of course, good food. Short periods of drizzles may have poured in the makeshift stage, but it did not dampen the spirits of the attendees.

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Malalim Elementary School is on top … of the mountain

Posted on 16 September '08 under Education | 10 Comments

Until yesterday, I did not know that Malalim Elementary School is already situated on top of the mountain, beside Baras National High School in Sitio Malalim. When I was still studying in BNHS, MES was in the center of the this government housing project. Read the rest of this entry »

“Project Love” brings home school supplies

Posted on 20 July '08 under Education | 2 Comments

Dear friend,

Hope you enjoy this stuff, and I hope you try to do your best with what you have and that you achieve all your goals in life. I want to help by giving you the equipment to help you do that, because you can be whatever you want to be. I hope you achieve all your goals and go far in life. So remember, stay in school and try to do your best. Read the rest of this entry »

Good news for education

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Tomorrow’s the big day for the students as they go back to school. Here are some of good news related to education I gathered from some officials: Read the rest of this entry »

Tuition Fee Discount at SJPS

Posted on 18 May '08 under Education | 56 Comments

I just want to ask: Is encouraging parents to enroll their children in a certain school came to a point of advertising the academic institution as a promo, more of a mall 3-day sale? Read the rest of this entry »

23 estudyante sumailalim sa SPES

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DALAWAMPU‚ÄôT tatlong kabataan ang sumailalim sa Special Program for the Employment of Students. Read the rest of this entry »